12 Things A Man Does Only for the Woman He Truly Loves

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6 min readMar 14, 2021

How can you tell if a man loves you deeply even if he doesn’t say it? How do you know if he cares about you and wants to make you happy? What are the signs a man’s love for you is real? Whatever your questions, the answers are written below here. In this article, you will find out what the signs that your man truly loves you are.

1. He Makes Time for You.

He always finds the time to see and spend with you. He doesn’t always change plans, postpones meetings or cancel dates with you. If he has to cancel other plans or rearrange his schedule just to see you, even if it’s for five minutes, he will do it.

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2. He Makes You Feel Safe and Protected.

This is an undoubtful sign a man loves you even if he doesn’t say it. That’s actually one of his main priorities. An example can be seen when he holds your hand while walking through a crowd, so he doesn’t lose you. He will be by your side in every possible way.

3. He Keeps To His Promises.

A man who keeps to his promises is a man who respects both himself and the people around him. He tells you he would be somewhere at 10am or that he will fix something for you, and he does just that. Knowing that he respects himself, his words, his time and equally respects you and your time, you definitely know he’s someone you can count on.

4. He Supports Your Dreams.

I wouldn’t even try to imagine my life with someone who doesn’t support my dreams, goals and aspirations. It’s really hard to feel the pressure to choose between the person you love and the thing you feel you’re meant to do. The person you’re meant to be with would support your dreams. And if he cannot support them financially (no obligations), he will encourage you to keep doing what makes you happy.

5. He Respects You and Appreciates Your Advice.

He appreciates it even if he doesn’t follow it. A man who likes not only your body but your mind too is a keeper. He wants you fully involved in his life and asking for your opinion is an essential part of it. A sign he loves you isn’t the fact he follows your advice, but the fact he listens to you while giving it and takes it into consideration.

6. He Treats You Like a Lady… More Like His Queen.

Placing rose petals at your feet might not be his thing, but your man treats you like a lady. You feel nourished and respected. He kisses your forehead, holds your hands and gently touches you. He simply loves you even if he doesn’t say it. The sweet feeling you’re treated like a princess or even a queen isn’t something I could explain, but if you are treated as such, you know what I’m talking about. You are his lady. That’s the reason he looks after you. He is gentle, listens to you, adores you, admires you, respects you, hugs you often and kisses your hand now and then. You, my dear, aren’t just a lady in his eyes; You are his Queen and I could only congratulate you for your choice of a man. Keep him; there aren’t many left out there.

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7. He Enjoys Your Craziness.

We all can be a little bit crazy now and then. I’m referring to those silly moments when we need to express ourselves loud, laugh a whole lot, crack silly jokes, jump around like kids, being all happy and excessively energized. A man who loves you will enjoy those moments with you and smile even if the day didn’t really go well.

8. He Avoids Judging You when You Go… the Other Crazy Side of You.

Alright girls, it’s time to talk honestly about that time of the month. 75% of us suffer from PMS and Period Cramps and we get to act all b**chy and annoying, grumbling here and there, having series of mood swings and all of that. But our men still take us home that way. It’s also similar to us getting married to them and saying yes to things we normally wouldn’t, such as picking of socks from every corner of the house, for the rest of our lives. But then, a man who loves you may not understand why the sweet girl that loves cuddling and kissing him all the time, sometimes turns into storming ticking bomb that sits quietly in the corner and waits for him to mess up, just so she could explode.

He may not understand it, but he still gets to accept it and finds his way around it. So if, instead of snapping back at you, he smiles and says, “Oh, one of those days, huh? or just ignores your craziness and tries to stay away from you for a few hours, babe, that’s a sign he’s ready to fight for you and he loves you dearly.

9. The Compromises Come From Both Sides.

When two people truly love each other and walk into the same direction in life, there’s not much room left for compromise or at least you wouldn’t feel it as such. So when you know you’re not the only one compromising, that’s a true sign your guy loves you deeply. Men never willingly compromise their comfort unless it’s worth the outcome. Or the person they do it for. They are logical beings and that makes it easier for us to know why they do what they do.

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10. You’ve Met His Family and Friends.

A man who loves you is a man who wants you in his life. He is happy with his choice of a woman and just cannot wait to introduce you, his pride to his family and friends.

11. He Wants Everything With You and You Both Work Towards It.

Pretty nice, huh? A man who loves you deeply and wants you undoubtedly in his life doesn’t need to think twice what the next step is. If he wants a future with you, he doesn’t hesitate to let you know. You both create your dreams and build your future together in a way to suit the both of you.

12. Actually, You Didn’t Really Need to Read this Article to Know if He Deeply Loves You.

You know he loves you.. Not because he tells it to you every 5 minutes (although you like the sound of it), but because you feel it with every cell in your body. His love for you screams through his eyes, flows into your veins every time he touches you. His hug is so comforting that you would gladly die right there and then…

  • He fights for you.
  • He fights for your love.
  • He fights for your happiness.
  • He claims his feelings in every decision he makes about his life.

It’s just there. And you know it.

I know it too baby!

You’re Giggling and Smiling from chin to chin right now.. am I correct? Of Course I am! You already knew your man loves you because you’ve seen some peculiar signs in his actions. You only read this article to confirm things, but hey! you aren’t mistaken one bit. You sure did the right thing.. and you know why? Because its not proper to live based on assumptions. It’s always advisable to clarify things and now…

Congratulations to You and Your Man!! Keep the Love Alive and Don’t let go of that Spark. That’s the Spirit!



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